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Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund | Muslims for Peace, Inc. &Islamic Education Center-Houston

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund | Muslims for Peace, Inc. &Islamic Education Center-Houston


The Story

On the eve of the 25th of August, Hurricane Harvey struck the state of Texas, beginning what we now know as a projected nine-day hurricane with 50 inches of rain. As the rain continues, parts of Texas are completely flooded, with homes and belongings completely destroyed. Families have lost everything as they struggle to seek refuge anywhere they can. MFP hopes to aid and assist the victims of this catastrophic hurricane by sending money directly to the Islamic Education Center of Houston who will provide for the community. IEC is prepared for large number of  individuals who have lost their homes due to floods.

Houston is home to a diverse Muslim population, that contribute to the society – and during Hurricane Harvey, Houston’s Muslims are doing their part.

We humbly appreciate your sadaqah / donation to this cause. The donations will go to IEC Houston who will provide long-term housing, along with other ways to help the families affected, including:

Community Shelters
Providing shelter while home is inaccessible
Transportation to get to IEC/community shelter/family/friend’s house
Triage medical care needs

Find/provide home flood damage repair
Car flood damage assessment/repair
Loans to meet immediate financial needs

We pray that the victims of this disaster are able to recover from this traumatic incident with your financial and emotional support. Our goal is to collect $25,000 of donations for those affected. This will provide meals for 400 individuals for a long period of time.

About the Organizers

Muslims for Peace, Inc.

Based in New Jersey, focuses on interfaith charity work. Our volunteers have dedicated their time and efforts to organize soup kitchens, clothing and food drives, and education funds for those in need. After Hurricane Sandy, the MFP team collected and donated nonperishable food items and other essentials to the victims.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: The Role of Muslims for Peace

Islamic Education Center – Houston

The Islamic Education Center of Houston serves the community as a center for the Friday congregation, Islamic celebrations, community programs, and above all – a center for imparting knowledge about Islam and promoting Islamic values. The IEC thrives under the guidance of our resident scholar and diligence of our board members, hard work of our volunteers and generosity of our selfless members.

Islamic Education Center (IEC)

2313 S Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77057




Mustafa Karim

Irshad Haji

Telephone: 908-248-4254

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