Press Release

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: The Role of Muslims for Peace

Press Release


Hurricane Sandy struck New York and New Jersey and took a terrible toll on lives, property, and infrastructure.

We would like to express our deepest concern for our friends and neighbors in New York, New Jersey, and other areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. Despite the storm damage devastating the city on many levels. But as with any disaster, there are many who still remain vulnerable.

Muslims for Peace is raising money for disaster relief and we ask you to consider helping New Yorkers in need. Although a lot of federal assistance has been granted for shelters, and soup kitchens, basic needs and individuals who have suffered need your help to get back on their feet.

Please consider making a donation to MFP, where we will direct your funds to individuals, soups kitchens, and shelters most in need, or donate to shelters.

The temperature tonight will be dropping below 30 degrees. If you or your friends are in need of assistance of food, water, clothing, shelter, please contact

In the past four weeks, the team has spread out across the region, distributing thousands of hot meals and meeting hundreds of individual needs. Outreach in New York and New Jersey focused on the areas of NJ Shore points, Staten Island, Sayreville , Irvington, Somerset, East Orange and Newark.


Team MFP collected and distributed fallowing Items :

  1. Water
  2. Food

ü Stock canned foods (with easy open tabs or cap open\


ü Dry mixes

ü Other staples that do not require refrigeration, cooking, water or special preparation.

ü Ensure

ü Baby formula

  1. Hygiene supplies

ü Toilet paper

ü Diapers

ü Baby Wipes

ü Toothpaste

ü Tooth brushes

ü Towels

ü Soap

  1. Blankets
  2. Clothing (new or gently-used clean items)

ü Warm clothing: sweaters, coats

ü Socks

ü Winter hats, gloves

ü Underwear (new only)

  1. Flashlights
  2. Batteries
  3. Candles & Lighters/Matches
  4. Power strips/surge protectors



Volunteer for Disaster Relief Efforts

we have organized volunteer events for our community to participate in the local humanitarian efforts.

If you would like to volunteer to help please email

Please specify if you will be able to help by:

  • Donating supplies
  • Volunteering your time

We are collecting donations for supplies in areas affected in Monmouth County, New Jersey. With your help, our local communities can recover from this disaster. or call 609-415-0786

Media Contacts:

Meraj Abdi, Charity

Muslims for Peace, Inc.

P.O. Box 6262, Monroe, NJ 08831











Media Contacts:

Muslims for Peace, Inc.

P.O. Box 6262, Monroe, NJ 08831



Support Our Work

Muslims4peace believes achieving significant impact in the community occurs when every member of the organization defines their unique role in catalyzing positive change.

Our growth and success is made possible by the support of our network. A network that consists of individuals all driven by the very same factor – the ability to bring about a change in the world around them. Our events, whether they may be faith-based or community service opportunities or even political activism, are methods in which we can portray our ideas to the world and bring about a sense of awareness and understanding. For this, we need your never-ending support.

A monetary donation of any amount will help drive us forward to continue setting and achieving goals of unimaginable heights. We want you to join the MFP family for without your support, we would not have accomplished all that we have in the past.

Press Release


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