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World’s Silence on the Rohingya Genocide


MFP Rejects Myanmar’s Lies about Resettlements

  1. Be a part of international demonstrations protesting the world’s silence of the Rohingya genocide
  2. Ask your masjid/church/synagogue/temple
  3. organization to organize a rally
  4. Call family and friends to attend the rally.
  5. Show up with your neighbors and friends.
  6. Organize a rally in your city. Check out resources on organizing demonstrations.



To add insult to injury, Myanmar’s government is planning to take land and crops that it has forcibly seized by driving out the Rohingya who owned and harvested the land. The diplomacy oriented announcement for resettlement by the military will not see Rohingya resettled in their native lands but rather in places described by people as concentration camps.

This is another manifestation that even in this diplomatic move Myanmar cannot hide its systematic genocidal campaign to deny Rohingya identity, history and rights to their native land.  >> Read more


The World Demands 3 Clear Actions


After meeting the top government officials of four different countries, including the US and Canada, as well as the UN leadership, we firmly believe that the following 3 point agenda that we have developed is the only right course of action for all those who are willing to stop the genocide:

Call it a Genocide: There is momentum in the media and among political leaders to call what is happening to the Rohingya what it is: a genocide. Calling it genocide will lead to implementing the genocide treaty and Responsibility to Protect.

Establish a Safe Zone: Support the only suggestion on the table offered by the Bangladesh Prime Minister: Establish a safe zone inside Burma with the UN peacekeepers to defend Rohingyas if attacked, until the Kofi Annan recommendations facilitate restoration of Rohingya citizenship and their rights as equal citizens.

Allow Access to Relief:

Support full sanctions on Myanmar, minus food and medicine, until full access to UN and humanitarian relief organizations as well as Rohingya citizenship is restored.

Airlift urgently needed shelter, food supplies, and medicine to Bangladesh with transport helicopters for distribution.


It takes just 10 minutes to call our elected leaders. Choose your words to give it urgency.


President Donald Trump:
Phone 202-456-4444
Twitter: @POTUS @realdonaldtrump

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson:
Phone:  202-647-4000 with option #4 to talk to operator
Twitter: @StateDept

US Ambassador Nikki Haley:
Twiter: @nikkihaley

Senators & Congress Persons:
Look up & contact your Senator here.
Look up & contact your Congress Person here.


Call your government officials: Congressperson, Member of Parliament, or the foreign office.

Ask your elected representatives to push these demands forward.

Write on behalf of your organization or mosque/church/synagogue/temple on an organizational letterhead with the same demands, and follow up.

Do YOUR Share to End Genocide!

Your donations are helping save lives!





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