Community Outreach sent out cards of Christmas greetings to the Christian community


Fatima Kermalli

December of 2016 was one of those rare months when the special holidays for the three Abrahamic faith were celebrated nearly on the same days. In the latter part of December, the birthdays of Both Jesus and Prophet Muhammad were celebrated along with the Jewish holiday of Hanukah. In honor of these auspicious occasions and in the spirit of goodwill and peace, sent out cards of Christmas greetings to the Christian community. The cards propagated messages of harmony and kindness from adages taught by Holy Prophet Muhammad and his Household. The cards also depicted verses from the Holy Qur’an regarding Lady Mary. Over 100 of these greeting cards were sent to churches, synagogues, and elected officials.

The cards were produced in a timely manner as there was a great need to once again unite a much-divided nation. For many months, prior, detestable rhetoric had engulfed the US bringing about suspicion and untrust worthiness in regards to many diverse groups. Amongst the varying groups, the Muslim community was once again unjustly targeted as an opposition and threat to peace. On the contrary, Islam in its literal definition of the word as well as in its intrinsic tenets stands for absolute peace. Hence, the message of mercy, love, and mutual respect was necessary to advocate just as it was at the time of Prophet Muhammad.

The work done today is a continuation of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. He struggled to establish qualities of justice and equality at time when those in topmost authority endeavored to extinguish his mission. Every method to crush the movement was utilized from economic sanctions, social harassment and isolation to physical battles. Yet, Prophet continued to reach out with words and actions of gentleness and adoration eventually resulting in masses of people turning into the fold of Islam.

Nonetheless, today, post-election, animosity persists. The aim to ban Muslims and immigrants into the United States as well as paint Islam as a global threat continues. However, the message of Islam is still the same as it was at the time of Prophet Muhammad filled with teachings of brotherly love, the recognition of a neighbor’s rights, and compassion for one another regardless of creed or color. Therefore, the awareness of this faith will continue to spread until once again the masses will come in droves seeking the lifestyle of Islam.


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