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Join together in prayer as people of faith have three major religious


Greetings and Peace!

We pray that you, your loved ones and your communities of faith are well and protected from the effects of Covid-19, which has certainly become a time of trial and testing.

April 2020 offers us a unique opportunity to join together in prayer as people of faith have three major religious events coinciding together: Easter, Passover and the beginning of the month of Ramadan. Along with praying for an end to this pandemic, let us also pray for all the medical, first-responders, police and countless others who continue to make our life possible at this time. Surely this coming together in prayer with all faith communities will be immensely powerful for a blessed outcome. Such actions are pleasing to God who is compassionate, merciful and forgiving. Moreover, as the common saying goes: ‘a family that prays together stays together’ holds true for also the wider sectors of society that allows everyone to overlook differences and connect together with a common goal in perspective. Simple acts such as this can unite humanity.

On behalf of the Muslims for peace, please share our promise of prayer for each other, your communities of faith and ours. We look forward to gathering once again in the near future to give thanks to God’s blessings in liberating the world from its present sorrow. In the meantime, we remain deeply united in prayer. Peace and blessings to each of you.


Saba Abbas

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