“The One” by Fatima Ali

The One

-by Fatima Ali

There is one whose eyes did shine of nobility, he whose face like the moon did glow,

His chest reflected his awe and bravery, and his walk was neither fast nor slow,

With a forehead broad, and eyebrows thin, and hair that fell down to his ears,

A dense beard he had; his teeth were strong, glittering and white like fallen snow.

Shoulders wide framed his physique, while soft and graceful was his firm hand,

Tilted downward his head would be, while walking—he looked to the sand,

The first to greet each one he met, and thoughtful was his every glance,

His speech was clear, concise and soft; so every listener could understand.

He was always pleasant and ever useful, to each one with whom he would interact,

A demeanor calm, came from within—and he was angered by but a single fact,

The violation of a right aroused his anger, and its heat could never disappear,

Until he restored the right belonged: what was usurped, was returned—exact.

His laugh was but a lightened smile, and his talk was truthful and never vain,

He was most trusted among all men; to him they would express their fear and pain,

As-Sadiq, Al-Ameen, truthful and trustworthy, were not mere titles of this pious one,

For they were part of his noble essence, his traits they were, all self-contained.

Strangers from afar, and those of near, would gather to hear his solemn speech,

Each one who came, the young and old, did realize that he sought to preach,

The perfection of morals, of manners and more; he was a reminder for one and all,

That a day of judgment was awaiting them, and he was a guide, to help them reach.

Reach back to Him, the All-Seeing, All-Knowing, the Master of all worlds and the Eternal Light,

The Lord, Creator of each soul—and toward His Worship, this pious one would invite,

Each man and woman—but not by force, for the beauty in this Messenger’s way,

Was that he would call people to His religion, through his actions—a Path of Right.

He respected others, not due to wealth, but according to knowledge or their quest thereof,

Arrogance, greed, apathy, and the like, were vices that he sought to rid society of,

A nation of brotherhood and caring he called for, the destruction of egos and what else can be said?

He was the Warner, the Messenger, the Prophet—the earthly reminder of the Almighty’s Love.

The Almighty is He without beginning or end, the Independent and the One without any need,

And throughout time he has steadily sent, his Proofs onto earth, those who brought Creed,

They are reminders to humans and jinn, that our souls and our essence are not owned by us,

As we are from Allah, and to Him we shall return, this is the cycle of our life, indeed.

But mankind, insaan—had often forgotten, where we came from and what our purpose was,

Each messenger, and inheritor, leads others to cognition; awareness of Allah, and this is because,

The purpose of existence is worship of that One, to understand that He has given you this world,

Your life is a test—have you understood? Explaining this truth, is what each Prophet does.

And the Almighty’s Love is why you are here; He wishes to see true good inside you,

Through your words and actions, and your interactions; He desires—to see you break through,

The shackles of ignorance, of bowing to any other, or following the whisperings of the accursed one,

His Love is your guide, and seeking His Love, will grant you a place, among Heaven’s crew.

How can this Love, this Divine connection, be achieved when He cannot be seen with our eyes?

He is seen with the heart and felt by the soul, by those who seek Him, the ones who recognize,

But what is the perfect means of His Love? How can you reach your Creator Divine?

Seek the one whom the Almighty does love, His Beloved is one, if you do realize.

HabibAllah, the Beloved of Allah, is the one whom Allah did send to guide us,

The one of great morals, the teacher, and kind one, his traits are too countless to even discuss,

He is the Seal of all Prophets, do know, and his traits should be your living, daily guide,

While the words he did speak, those of his Lord, are specks of pure Light; you should follow them thus.
If you seek to know the Beloved of Allah, then what other character traits must you learn?

To advise good and forbid evil, were among the foremost, cautions of his—his words of concern,

Goodness in all ways, was what he embodied; he taught to be upright and noble in your ways,

He preached to constantly remember your Lord, for He is always there, wheresover you turn.

Moderation of material goods is key, do use what you need, but keep others in mind,

The Prophet would ensure, that even the poor, were never without food, nor left behind,

For we are all equal, in our flesh and flood, and he is a savior and grace, do you see?

He is perfect, and is our perfector—our leader, and he is the Mercy for all of mankind.

The Mercy of Allah, for each creature in this world, and those in every, other spinning sphere,

He indeed, is the Mercy itself, for each object: the planets and even the grass which is near,

To seek him is to desire that perfect exemplar, to learn about honor, trust and respect,

To know him is impossible, in a complete way, but to begin is necessary, this is perfectly clear.

If you begin to contemplate his essence, his rank and his status, his Divine role,

You will no doubt be drawn to Allah; fly to the Beloved and reach the true Love, the goal,

Submit to the Lord of all worlds you will, when you think about, this system, this Plan,

For all is the work of the First, the Everlasting, all that exists, is in His Control.

But He has given us thought and reason, the will to choose which path to follow,

Will we adhere to His Words in His Book, and follow His Beloved, today and tomorrow?

That is a choice for each to make—do we wish to be among those of honor?

If so, then reach to the tree of Prophet hood, devour its fruits, and its lessons do swallow.

Take in the lessons with humility and know, that each day is a blessing and a chance to achieve,

Nearness to Allah, through love of His Loved One, if you heed his teachings and truly perceive,

The Prophet like those who did come before him, sought to awaken mankind from its slumber,

And the Seal of All Prophets, the Last in the Chain, is a Mercy for us, this we must believe.

For he is the reminder, the teacher who taught—through the Book—the reason for our very creation,

Live this earthly life, serving Allah; through good deeds and actions is the means for salvation,

Strive to be just, trustworthy and truthful, just as the leader who was sent for our guidance,

Be a model for the young, and help for the old; be a brother or sister for all in the nation.

And remember the Beloved and what he stood for; for society, for each person, what has he done?

Brought them toward Light, and lived the example, of the rights that each hold, which no one can shun,

Thousands of messengers have come and have gone, but he is their peak, their Leader and Light,

He is Muhammad, the Praiseworthy and Praised, the Mercy for all worlds, he is The One.


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