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2014 MFP Ninth Annual Interfaith Event Report

PISCATAWAY – 550 to 600 hundred people attended the 9th Annual Prophet Muhammad Day to hear speeches from intellectuals and artists about the example the Messenger of Allah set for Islam’s followers.

The event took place at the Busch Campus at Rutgers University on March 9,2014, Sunday, providing a fitting opportunity for local-and out-of-state – Muslims, and others to get together for an afternoon that served to increase one’s knowledge and spirit without getting too pedantic.

One of the Muslims for Peace event organizer, said the Prophet’s demeanor exemplifies the true meaning behind Islam, which he described as a peaceful religion. He added it was not necessary to assume the authority of God, whom he described as all-knowing.

Other speakers at the event included Imam Sohaib Sultan of Princeton University, Nicole Correri, Rev Bob Moore,Sami Catovic of ISNA , Sheikh Abdul Jalil and Husain Al Nashed from England others who all spoke about the peaceful methods and brotherly love the Prophet exhibited.

Awards were also given to individuals who have made a marked difference in the relations and progress of Muslims in the West.

2014 MFP Award Recipients

1) Sheikh Fadhil Al-Sahlani (New York),MFP Interfaith /Intrafaith Award Recipient

2) Imam Sohaib Sultan (Princeton University), MFP Interfaith /Intrafaith Award Recipient

3) Sami H. Elmansoury, MFP Next Generation Leadership Award Recipient

4) Dr Syed Manzoor Rizvi, “Building a peaceful Community” Lifetime Community Services Award

5) Ashraf Husain Panjwani, “Building a peaceful Community” Lifetime Community Services Award

6) Mustafa Jaffer. “Building a peaceful Community” Lifetime Community Services Award

The event was organized by Muslims for Peace, a non-profit organization that played an active role in bringing attention to some of the major problems facing Islam around the world, such as sectarian violence in Pakistan, and other predominantly Muslim countries.

Since it first started Prophet Muhammad Day, MFP has reported larger and large crowds each successive year. This year’s crowd surpassed the 500 people who attended last year, attracting people from other states like Maryland, Illinois and New York,

Meraj Abdi and Syed Hasan Ali, VP, MFP, was pleased with the turnout, saying that the larger and larger crowds shows there are many people who have a thirst of knowledge for an understanding of who the last Messenger of god was.

Hasan stressed that the event wasn’t meant for just followers for Muslims however folks from the Christian faith could also be seen in attendance. Dr Ehtesham Abidi and Meraj Abdi thanked all the volunteers and organizers who made the event possible and was certain there would be a Prophet Muhammad Day next year.


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