Theory of Self-Creation

We continue the explanation of Imam Ja’far on the existence of God while in dialog with an Indian scientist. The discussion is reached to the point when the Indian scientist considers that the things created themselves.

By implication, it also means that this earth and universe created themselves and that there is no sign for the existence of one unique God.

On the contrary, Imam Ja’far disproves the notion of his self-creation theory with the application of the principle of non-contradiction, a basic and very important law of logic. To challenge this principle makes science an excuse in absurdity and the scientific method itself must be discarded.

Application of this principle implies that a created thing could not possibly create itself. It is because they were non-existent before creating themselves. Thus, using this logical principle, Imam invalidates his theory and shows why his theory has no grounds and contradicts with the fundamental laws of logic.

Imam Ja’far: By observing this delicate system in the creation of Halila, don’t you acknowledge that its creator must be very wise and knowledgeable?

Indian Scientist: How can I say that?

Imam Ja’far: Is it possible that the wise and knowledgeable creator of this world be a creature?

Indian Scientist: No, I don’t think so.

Imam Ja’far: This Halila is created at one specific time and then vanishes after it had been rotten. Did you observe the Halila from the time it was created and to the end when it perishes?

Indian Scientist: Yes, I do accept that Halila is a created being. However, I did not say that it could not be a creator who could not create itself.

Imam Ja’far: Earlier you admitted that a wise creator could not be a created being. Just now, you accepted that Halila is a created being. Given these two premises I conclude that Halila is a created being and that God, the most wise and powerful, is its creator.

Now if you change your position and say that Halila is its own creator then you are accepting something that you have denied earlier (for a creator to be a creature). Further, by accepting the wise and knowledgeable creator, in fact, you have acknowledged the existence of God. However, you are confused in naming this wise creator.

Indian Scientist: How come?

Imam Ja’far: You admit the existence of a wise, knowledgeable and a planner. However, when I ask you who is that wise creator, you name it ‘Halila’. Therefore, you do accept the existence of a God but get confused to give Him a proper name. Instead, you name Him Halila. By pondering a little, it would be easy to know that it is far beyond the capacity of Halila to create God. Halila is helpless to devise, design and create itself.

Indian Scientist: Do you have any other evidence besides this?

Imam Ja’far: I have many more. According to your believe if Halila could be its own creator then it should know better how to design and create itself. Why then Halila is so small, powerless and deficient? Why it could not save itself from being damaged, squeezed and devoured? Why doesn’t it stop itself from being eaten? Why did it create itself as a weak, eatable, bitter, ugly, tasteless and dry creation?

Indian Scientist: It could be that it was not powerful enough to make it even better. Or it did have power but didn’t want to and wanted to keep itself just like that.

Imam Ja’far: Would you please explain as when did this Halila designed and created itself; before it created itself or after its creation? If you say it created itself after its creation, it is impossible for a thing to create itself when it was already created. How could a Halila, created and existent already, could create itself again? Your statement leads me to say that a Halila created itself a second time.

On the other hand, if you say that Halila designed and created itself before it was created, then it is quite obvious on why it is incorrect and does not require more explanation. It is because Halila was nothing before its existence so as to create itself.

How could you object my belief, an existing thing (God) creates other non-existing things, while you don’t question your own idea, a non-existing thing (Halila before creation) creating an already existing thing. Think a bit and see whose theory and belief is closer to reality?

Indian Scientist: Yours theory appears to be most logical and correct.

Imam Ja’far: Then what stops you in accepting my belief?

Indian Scientist: it is quite clear to me now that various things including Halila have neither designed nor created themselves.


  1. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (`a): Reported by his companion Mufaddal ibn Umar al Jaufi and recorded by ‘Allamah Majlisi (d. 1110 AH) in Bihar al Anwar vol 3 pages 153-196


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