The Role of Muslim Physicians in contributing to Health Improvements within Societies.

Without a doubt, Religion and Medicine have influenced lives substantially for centuries. What is the more, the Interconnections between the faith-based and medical sectors are multifaceted and have existed for just as long, which also includes partnerships that have evolved over the past several decades in the U.S.

There are approximately ten points that have engaged the medical and healthcare professionals and institutions across specialties that have focused especially on primary care, global health, and community-based outreach to the unfortunate populations. In a time when healthcare resources are scarce, partnering with religious congregations, denominations, and communal and philanthropic agencies—are useful. It is a blessing to the private-sector medical care providers and federal, state, and local public health institutions to protect and maintain the health of the population. At the same time, challenges and obstacles remain, mostly related to negotiating the complexity that exists between these two sectors. Identifying the pressing legal/constitutional, political/policy, professional/jurisdictional, ethical, and research and evaluation issues need to be better addressed before this work can realize its full potential.

  1. 1:00 pm – Appetizers and Networking
  2. 2.   1:30 pm – Lunch
  3. 2:15 pm – Qur’an Recitation – Dr Bassel Ghaddar
  4. 2:20pm-Welcome note by Sajida Haji and intro for Dr Syra Madad (Emcee)
  5. 2:25pm –Dr Rizwan Naeem
  6. 2:35PM – Najah Bazzy, RN: Muslim role serving underprivileged communities
  7. 2:50 PM Nasar Qureshi and Dr Iqbal Jafferi (importance of free clinic for underprivileged communities)
  8. 3:00 pm – Muslims for Peace Introduction for free clinic to commission by Fatima Abdi
  9. 3:10 pm – Award Presentation Dr. Shereef Elnahal

1)Dr Syed Wajih Rizvi
“Inspiring us to Building a Peaceful and Healthy Community”
Lifetime Community Services

Dr. Wajih Rizvi is an Asst. Professor in the Clinical Endocrinology department at Rutgers University and the Chief of R-Endocrinology and R-Research, in Hamilton, NJ. Dr. Rizvi is one of the founding members of Imamia Medics International, a UN accredited NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations and was its first Global President and then served as member Global Board of Regents for 9 years, Advisor, International Relations.

(2) Dr Mohammad Ali Haider
“Restoring Hope, Clarity, and Vision”
Medical Humanitarian Award
Dr. M. Ali Haider is an ophthalmologist in Kentucky. He serves as the President and founder of Worldsight, Inc which is a non-profit providing treatment for blindness through medical and surgical care around the world, mainly in Africa and the Middle East. He is also the co-founder of Share the Light, Inc which focuses on providing educational support to children of refugees who have migrated to the United States. He has been appointed to the Minority Affairs Council by the Governor of Kentucky to focus on improviing the lives of minorities in the states. He also serves on the board of Al-Hujjah Hospital in Karbala, Iraq which is a charity hospital that focuses on providing care to underserved communities in Iraq.

(3) Najah Bazzy RN
Zaman International
“An Inspiration to Inclusion and Diversity”
Medical Humanitarian Award

Najah Bazzy is a global leader in Transcultural Nursing. She is Founder/CEO of Zaman International focusing on marginalized women living in extreme poverty. Zaman has helped more than 1.5 million people. She is also a professor, author, diversity leader and medical ethics consultant. She has an ambassador style of diplomacy and is globally recognized as an interfaith advocate.






(4) Mr Mohsin Ali Khan
“Triumph of Public Health and Medical Interventions”
Global Entrepreneurship Award in Medicine
Mr Mohsin Ali Khan is the chancellor of Era University and the chairman of the American University of Barbados. Mr Khan‘s initiatives are centered on giving back to the society. He has several research publications and he has made significant contributions in the field of medical education including the use of 3D animation and educational video games at his institutes.  His charitable work includes a multi-specialty 900+ bedded hospital where underprivileged patients receive medical services at low prices or even free of charge. KnowMed is an initiative by him to enhance patient care by empowering doctors to make more informed clinical decisions.








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