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Muslims4peace Vigil for Peace and religious freedom.

Muslims4peace INTERFAITH VIGIL for Peace and religious freedom.

MFP strongly condemns the threats yesterday that targeted Jewish community centers in Birmingham, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Paul, Tampa, Albuquerque, Houston, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Buffalo. We call upon the President and other leaders to speak out against the rising tide of anti-Semitism as well as that of Islamophobia. We stand in full support of the following statement of the Minnesota Rabbinical Association and we stand in partnership with them: “Disgusted to hear about the senseless act of desecration at the cemetery and bomb threat to Jewish centers across the country as well as in Edison We must fight acts of intolerance and hate.” Hassan Haider MFP spokesperson “Through prayer and candlelight, the service is intended to give a voice to all victims and hate crime,” stated MFP Mustafa Karim — According to Every town for Gun Safety, there have been over 150 school shootings, nearly one school shooting per week. — There have been nearly a thousand mass shootings, defined as four or more people shot in the same incident. — Approximately 240,000 Americans will have been killed or injured by guns. Gun violence is particularly devastating to young people. This year is the year when gun violence passes motor vehicle accidents as the leading killer of young people under 26 years old. Muslims4peace, a not for profit connecting philanthropic organizations, is co-sponsoring the vigil. “We mourn for all victims of gun violence in honor the legacy of Imam Hussain and believe it is vital to support family and friends suffering the loss of their loved ones every day for the rest of their lives. The ripple effect of gun violence cannot be understated,” said Professor Raza Mir

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