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Muslims for Peace was honored to accept an award for Interfaith Work

Muslims for Peace was honored to accept an award for Interfaith Work at the 37th Annual Gathering of the Coalition for Peace Action at the Princeton University Theological Seminary. On June 4th, 2017, Reverend Robert Moore of the CFPA presented this award to the MFP board members. In his introduction, he discussed the resentment and hatred, labeled Islamophobia, that has stemmed from terrorist attacks around the globe. As individuals, who are driven by evidently fabricated and false Islamic ideologies, commit hate crimes, the backlash falls on the Muslim communities living in the West who constantly condemn the acts of violence. Reverend Moore says, “Now I have felt for some time that the best antidote to this Islamophobia is when Muslims actively and physically work for peace through peaceful meetings.” Irshad Haji, of MFP, said a word of thanks upon accepting the award. He says, “We see all these acts of violence around us, and know that it does not represent us in any way, shape, or form. This violence is not just against one person, but it is against all of humanity.” Once again, MFP was thrilled to be receiving this award. We would not have been worthy of this recognition without the support of our generous community!


mem dinner 2
Rev. Bob Moore addresses dinner and program attendees.

mem dinn 3
Senator Kip Batheman (on right) receives award.

mem dinner 666
Senator Loretta Weinberg (second from right) receives award.

mem dinner 4
Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera receives award. Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker (on right) presented award.

memm 1

Leaders of Muslims4Peace receive award.

mem dinnner 5
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson gives keynote address.

mem dinn 6
An attendee asks Colonel Wilkerson a question during Q & A.

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