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MFP meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Najaf, Iraq – Muslims for Peace delegates recently met with the revere Ayatollah Ali Sistani , Al-Marje Al-Alaa and sent a message to Muslims across the world: obey the laws of the countries in which they live.

“Muslims have undertaken to obey the laws of the country of their residence and thus they must be faithful to that undertaking,” the statement read.

Sistani, in the statement, condemned all acts of violence and encouraged imams to keep a watchful eye on the activities taking place within their mosques.

Sistani focused on parents and their responsibility to raise their children with moral values and providing them with a good education that doesn’t preach hatred.

The spiritual leader praised Muslims for Peace for its interfaith work in the United States and integrating various communities to spread the message that Islam is a religion that advocates peace and love and not the violence and terror that ofen populate many of the headlines in the 24-hour news cycle.

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Community Outreach