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The Tragedy of Easter Resonates

By Ali Abbas

In His Name of Lord and prophets of Abrahamic faith

Easter is a period marked by the resurrection of prophet Isa (Jesus) as held by the accounts in the Bible. Jesus one of the most sacred names and an awaited prophet has been referred more than Prophet Muhammad in the Quran can not be changed by the hijacker of Abrahimic faith. The resurrection marks the belief of Humanity in the return of a Savior who will set aright matters of Injustice.

March 27, 2016 in Lahore, the City where my parents grew up in, my mother attended Christian Schools, the tragedy belies the safety of what our fellow Christians had come to expect this Easter day

This is a “tragedy” unlike the Tragedy of Karbala.

In Karbala, those who fought with al-Husayn (AS), they took their goodbyes in bidding from those who loved them. As the chord of love extended them from the tents to the battle-field, there was sakina and there was closure.

But not to those who died in Lahore.

Targetted to the Children and their Mothers, the scene was aghast. Mothers extending their arms to the heavens, had no closure, they had no sense that this would descend upon them.

They would hold their Children dearly, making sense of the tragic overture of nature to a moment where a child departs before their parents.

But this task of Closure is now upon us, the living. We have to console the mothers and the fathers and the brothers and the sisters and the uncles and the aunts

If the raising of the arms to the heaven is a question mark, in the form that

Where are you O Lord ? These people have abandoned us, our Children. We are unsafe in a land where great social services were provided

O dear Lord Jesus, by the resurrection that bore hope for us, bring us closer to the ones who have parted by being like Christ, one who also suffered on the Cross in the Biblical Tradition.

Followers of Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad, our responsibility to console these wounded Spirits, that as Isa as (Jesus) will assist Imam al Muntaza al Mahdi (AS), we need to engage such mourning Spirits.

May this tragedy remind us of the combined Humanity of Suffering that is the lot of those who were powerless, and it is the cry of the powerless that reaches the Divine without any intercedence, let their cries be steedes to the enduring belief in hope and Divine Consolance
The leaders of the Christian community strongly condemned the act of terrorism at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, which claimed the lives of over 60 people including women and children.

Bishop of Lahore, Rt Rev Irfan Jamil, condemning the incident, said human life was very precious and its loss was irreparable.

Hasan Ali, Muslims4peaace, said terrorists were indiscriminately targeting innocent Pakistanis. He said the Christian community had also been sacrificing their lives for the country.

Many MFP representative during their annual conference at Rutgers, also expressed a sense of sorrow and shock over the death of dozens of innocent men, women and children.

It is the same Cry of al-Husayn (AS),

Is there any one to help Us ?

And to that I say, yes. Your powerlesness will be no more, insha ‘Allah


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