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The 4th Annual Christmas Party hosted by Muslims4Peace

By Sarah Sadiq

The 4th annual Christmas party was hosted by Muslims for Peace in Trenton, NJ at the Children’s Home Society, which is a non-profit organization for at-risk infants, children, youth and families. Muslims for Peace hosts a Christmas party in association with the Children’s Home Society every December.

Moreover, Muslim volunteers from all over New Jersey came together on Saturday morning to help make this event special for over 57 families in need. Volunteers arrived early to arrange the party and wrap gifts that would be handed out for children of all ages.

Everyone was able to partake in a variety of activities that were planned and conducted. These included face painting, arts and crafts for young children, board games for youth and a speech from Syed Rizwan Rizvi, a local Muslim leader. He spoke regarding coming together during the holiday season as a community to help our neighbors of different faiths in their time of need. Thus, along with the festivities, It was an emotional event.

To bring further cheer, Santa Claus, portrayed by Komail Ali, made a special appearance at the event. Every child had an opportunity to meet with Santa, take a picture, and receive the prints immediately on site. 

Christmas songs were sung by the entire group; thereafter, a hot lunch was served. After lunch Santa handed out toys to children of all ages.  In addition, each family in attendance also received a gift certificate to a nearby grocery store. All toys and gift certificates were donated by Muslims for Peace. All in all, about  57 children and 40 care givers were served. Three of the children who lived with their grandmother had lost her to a fire two weeks ago. This was a special event that sought to bring smiles back to their faces The event was a success as children and adults left the party with holiday cheer and joy .

To be part of this joyous and worthy event in 2019, check the website for updates on how this can be possible to make a difference in someone else’s life.


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