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Newark Drinking Water Crisis

(Newark- 9/16/19) Muslims4Peace, a non-profit organization, has previously donated $1000  to Mayor Ras Jua Baraka for the Newark Community Kitchen and 3000 water bottles to Dr. Shereef Elnahal, the CEO of University Hospital.  Furthermore, the organization will be distributing over 1000 gallons of water to those in need on September 25, 2019. The water will be distributed at Paradise Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey.

Bottles of water have been distributed due to the unclean drinking water in the city because of the high levels of lead which have seeped into the water system through pipes, leaving hundreds of people in the city without clean water to drink. Therefore, by the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Muslims have actively moved with kindness by donating water to those who in need. The Prophet stated:  “There is a reward for kindness to every living thing.”

Furthermore,  Muslims continue to be inspired by the Prophet’s grandson, Hussain AS. In his honor, the believers of the Islamic faith have taken action to uphold Imam Hussain’s legacy by assisting in the community by whatever capacity they are able. What is more, ongoing Islamophobia and ignorance of the true message of Islam, have stirred Muslims to propagate the message of peace and kindness as Imam Hussain did.

The local Muslims4peace chapter of New Jersey has a history of working in the community to help its residents that are facing hardships. From donating and assisting in food pantries to organizing. programs for job training, they strive to make a big difference.

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