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Muslims4Peace Condemns USC’s Cancellation of Valedictorian Speech

Los Angeles, CA (April 17, 2024): Muslims4Peace (M4P) strongly condemns the University of Southern California’s (USC) decision to cancel the graduation speech of valedictorian Ms. Asna Tabassum.

Silencing a Student’s Voice

USC cited “security threats and harassment from pro-Israel critics” as the reason for canceling Ms. Tabassum’s speech. M4P believes this undermines the university’s commitment to free speech and open dialogue. Silencing a student’s voice sets a dangerous precedent and empowers those seeking to suppress dissenting viewpoints.

Protecting Students & Upholding Values

M4P urges USC to prioritize student safety while upholding its core values. We believe the university can ensure a secure environment for the ceremony without restricting Ms. Tabassum’s right to express her views.

Call to Action

Muslims4Peace stands with Ms. Tabassum and all students who deserve a platform to share their voices. We urge USC to reconsider its decision and reinstate Ms. Tabassum’s graduation speech.


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Press Release


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