Press Release

Letter to Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern,

Monday, April 12, 2019

Muslims for Peace, Inc.
PO Box 6262
Monroe Township, NJ 08831


Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern,
Prime Minister
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160
New Zealand

As-salamu alaykum – Peace be upon you

We, the Board of Muslims for Peace, Inc., write to thank you, your government and the people of New Zealand for the swift, unprecedented and needed response to the horrific terrorist attack that took place in Christchurch on March 15, 2019.

Muslims for Peace, Inc. is a not for profit corporation based in New Jersey (USA) that aims to bridge people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds through interfaith activities, like presentations, seminars, discussions, food drives and outreach programs. We believe that educating each other about our differences is the best way to interconnect people, increase tolerance towards each other, and facilitate the peacemaking process all over the world. We spread the message that Islam stands for non-violence and developing a better understanding of Islam among all the people of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim.

The response from you and your government to the senseless attack on basic humanity provided reassurance not only to Muslims, but all other faith groups, that their basic human right to practice their beliefs without fear of violence will continue to be protected. Further, it instilled confidence that love and peace still have a place in government. We are proud to support your efforts and your leadership – to support the families of the victims through their grief and to support the citizens of New Zealand in their unequivocal stance against hate and terror. You and your government are an inspiration and role model for the other nations of this world.

We pray for the souls of those who were mercilessly killed, for the recovery of those injured, for the strength of the families affected and for the togetherness of the peace-loving people of New Zealand whose spirit is an example to us all.

We thank you for the inspiration that you have created through this tragedy.


The Board of Directors of
Muslims for Peace, Inc.


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