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International Women’s Day


March 8th, 2018

On this International Women’s Day, Muslims for Peace organization takes the opportunity to honor the courageous women of today who are standing up and fighting for justice, equality, peace, and humanity across the globe. In the wake of numerous sexual assaults, harassment and rape allegations that have come to surface in light of #MeToo and other empowering movements, Muslims for Peace condemns any and all forms of harassment and the silencing of victims at the risk of experiencing further discrimination.

We encourage anyone who has been the subject of harassment, abuse or bullying to report their complaint and make their voice heard. Days like today give us an opportunity to remember the brave women who came before us and to inspire women of future generations for further success and accomplishments.

Muslims for Peace shares the commitment to end all types of violence, discrimination, and injustice against any human being and most notably those experienced by women. Harassment of any kind is intolerable and the universal principles of respect, dignity, and justice must prevail to all people regardless of their faith, color, gender, or background.

Today, the 20th day of Jamadi Thani in the Islamic lunar calendar, also coincides with the blessed birthday of the esteemed daughter of the Prophet of Islam, Lady Fatima al Zahra, who is known to be a great example for all women to emulate and seek inspiration from her as a role model and women leader who has taught us countless lessons on how a woman can excel to great lengths and speak up against injustice regardless of the odds.



Jerrmein Abu Shahba
Muslims for Peace, Inc.


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