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Helping Syrian Rfefugees to start new life


The Muslims for Peace, Inc. team of selfless volunteers took their efforts to aid the Syrian Refugees that had settled in Northern Jersey this year. Through partnership with an external organization, these ten families were settled in their homes with barely any daily use items. The families consisted of many with younger children as well. Our team of volunteers went out and bought items that these families would need on a routine basis. Kitchen appliances, clothing, and electronics were on the list of donated items. After a day of helping settle the families in, the Syrian families cooked food for their new guests. With all of your help and support, our team of dedicated volunteers was able to help these families with their necessities and God willing, we will be able to do much more in the upcoming future.

A refugee’s life is one full of hardships, pain and suffering. No one would wish such a fate upon anyone yet the sad reality is that today millions of people are living as refugees today after becoming victims of political instability or worse, war.

There is one thing most people don’t seem to realize when it comes to refugees. Sure, they have been displaced from their home, and in some cases, their homeland; no doubt they have suffered a lot and lost even more. However, once they become refugees, we assume that all is good; that they now have a place to stay; they will be provided food to eat and warm clothes to wear. No one accepts this fate, at least not entirety. They all desire to get back on their feet.

The International Refugee Committee has brought 10 Syrian families during summer 2015-16 to Elizabeth NJ for resettlement. These families are facing overwhelming challenges because of language barrier, new surroundings and financial hardship. The IRC is providing them with one-year housing, health coverage, food stamps and cash assistance. Team Muslims4peace is particularly focused on providing the families with a regular needs

MFP Donated to Syrian refugees:
Kitchen equipment including cooking utensils, small appliances, cookware etc.
Clothing especially winter items such as gloves, scarves, coats etc.
Blankets, bedding items, towels etc.
School supplies

MFP  has helped to support and empower refugees that have fled their homes in search of hope in the New Jersey. With projects supported by IRC, they have been able to generate new skills or strengthen existing ones so that they can apply them and make a respectable living rather than becoming dependent on the rations of a refugee camp. The idea is to help people adjust to their new life in a new country with relative ease and to provide support and assistance along the way.


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Muslims4peace believes achieving significant impact in the community occurs when every member of the organization defines their unique role in catalyzing positive change.

Our growth and success is made possible by the support of our network. A network that consists of individuals all driven by the very same factor – the ability to bring about a change in the world around them. Our events, whether they may be faith-based or community service opportunities or even political activism, are methods in which we can portray our ideas to the world and bring about a sense of awareness and understanding. For this, we need your never-ending support.

A monetary donation of any amount will help drive us forward to continue setting and achieving goals of unimaginable heights. We want you to join the MFP family for without your support, we would not have accomplished all that we have in the past.

Community Outreach


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