Good Riddance Son of Shaytan

By Hasan Rizvi

By the Grace of Allah(SWT),another from the progeny of Abu Sufyan and Muawiyah has been eliminated – the devil incarnation – Osama bin Laden, a major enemy of Islam and civilization. As Islam assures us, the tyranny of any king or khalifa will not last forever. However, we must remind the West and the media that the death of Osama does indeed mark the end of an evil person but it is only a milestone in the fight against a centuries old movement of terror, hate and extremism. From Muawiyah to Yazid, from Saddam to Osama are all embodiments of malevolence and immorality; and nothing but pawns of Shaytan.

Today, the entire world is an innocent victim of Wahabis, Al-Qaeda, Salafis, etc. as they regularly abuse, tarnish and misrepresent a religion for their own personal and unethical gains. The modern day roots of this evil lie in the Wahabi movement that has already killed thousands of innocent people all over the world. This terror machine may have reared it ugly head recently, but it was invented during the early days of Islam. Soon after the last Prophet of Islam passed away, Islam was hijacked as radicalism slowly crept in. They suffocated Islam by trampling the verses of the Quran and falsifying Ahadith to attempt to justify their own evil agenda. Not for the sake of religion and truth but for political power and financial gains.

Wahabism’s earliest victims were the family of our cherished Prophet Muhammad – his daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Almost his entire family was slaughtered in a few decades after his death. And those who survived faced centuries of persecution, death, and torture. The list is endless as the blood of innocent flowed freely.

Osama was only a link in the long chain of terror that originated in post- Prophet Muhammad Arabia and continues to this day in the so-called Muslim world. These terrorists have no regard for humanity let alone religion. Any and everyone who does not conform to their disgusting way of thinking, is simply termed as an unbeliever and sentenced to death.

The current crisis in the Middle East is a direct result of the tyranny of such Caliphs who follow this ideology. They have no basic consideration for human rights, freedom of speech and religion, democracy and justice as lawlessness and evil governs their nations, and unfortunately is the focus of their agenda.

In the Middle East, we are witnessing security forces clinging to this despicable ideology, viciously attacking peaceful protestors, human-rights activists along with their terrorizing their families. It is the time for the Tyranny of All Kings along with their illegitimate ideology to cease and desist.

The struggle against terror and evil will continue, but justice and freedom will always prevail.


But Alas! The struggle does not end here. Sadly, the zulm, tyranny, atrocities, hate and evil continues….

For the Muslims minorities, do we still hear the echo of Imam Husain’s call – “Hal Min Nasirin Yansurna”? (Is there anyone to help me?). Are we, the Shias of today, in the 21st century, answering the call of the greatest Martyr who laid down his life for truth and justice? Have we become immune and started to ignore the plight of Shia brothers and sisters around the world against the saying of our last Prophet? Have we buried our conscience as we live in comfort and peace?

Can we honestly take a look at ourselves in the mirror, and more importantly, face the next generation of Shias, and tell them directly, without any hesitation, that yes, I have done my part?

Are we replying to the call of our beloved 3rd Imam both emotionally and physically? The same Imam whose blessed mother’s martyrdom we just observed. That same respected mother, the greatest lady to walk on this earth, who was also a victim of zulm, as the world then just watched by silently. Will we, the Umaah, the Shias of Imam Ali, continue to be embarrassed by remaining silent, pretending as if nothing was wrong, as we go about our own lives?

Our dear Imam’s call was and is for every generation to stand up, raise our voices, and take action within legal means, against all zulm and our time’s tyrant who commits blatant crimes against all of humanity.

Just please read the latest Kansas City Star article from this past weekend, about the zulm currently taking place in the country of Bahrain, and honestly tell yourself, if your heart does not cry out with pain!


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