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2021 Muslims4Peace Accomplishments report

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Due to the COVID-19 we were not able to hold the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Day last year in the grand style as we have been doing for the past 14 years. Nevertheless, in keeping up with our tradition of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Day, we held the conference as a virtual event as was the trend adapted by the schools, businesses, and other institutions during the pandamic. The virtual event was titled Universal Symbol of Mercy and Compassion, and our guest speakers were Dr Suzy Ismail, Sister Shabnam Dewji, Dr. Craig Consadine, Dr Hasnain Walji, and Lee Weissman of Jewish Educator (Tarbut v’ Torah), DIrector of Community Engagement at Institute of Jewish Muslim Action (IJMA).

By the Grace of Almighty, we’ll be meeting again as we hold this year’s Conference as an in-person event – we have a list of notable presenters lined up for this year’s Conference. We are humbled and grateful to the presenters who continue to bless this event and share their knowledge at the Conference year-after-year.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic that changed our lives, MFP diverted its attention and energy to plan and determine how we could assist members of our community who were impacted during the pandemic in one way or the other. For a start, we set up a Food Supply Pantry- the pantry was filled with non-perishable food items, and we distributed these to families who were in need. MFP was also able to come to the aid of some community members who had lost their employment or source of income by assisting in their rent payments, and medical expenses. Unfortunately, there were also deaths in the community during this period and MFP assisted in the burial costs where the families could not fully manage.

In the initial days of COVID-19 when face masks were not readily available, family members of the MFP community hand stitched face masks which in turn were donated to the frontline essential workers at the University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. In addition, we also donated 10,000 water bottles to the City of Newark, New Jersey.

Even with the pandemic, and especially during the Holiday period we could not forget those in need and the less fortunate young ones. Our team organized a virtual party in December 2021 at an orphanage in Trenton, New Jersey to make the Christmas time a special memory for the children to remember, and donated money to the deserving families. In the prior years the MFP team would visit the orphanage and have a party with the children at the orphanage and provide food and distribute gifts and gift cards.

In April 2022, we had an in-person Annual Interfaith Iftar and Eid Celebration. We were joined by faith-based leaders and members of Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh faiths as we shared a meal and discussion. As with the Prophet Day Conference we resorted to having the iftar event as a virtual event in the year 2021. Both the in-person event earlier this year as has been the norm and the virtual event the prior year were well attended.

As life has started to come back to normal, and you join us for this year’s Prophet Day (pbuh) Conference we respectfully ask that you come alongside us to make the difference that we all need. Muslims for Peace relies entirely on voluntary donations and support that are both vital in helping us spread the Message of Peace and understanding in our society today. We would like to ask you to consider supporting our events and our community initiatives by donating; your benevolent gift would facilitate us in organizing and providing the means to the end. To contribute, please visit our website to pay through PayPal or write a check to Muslims For Peace, Inc.

Again, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support throughout the years and we eagerly walk the path of our journey ahead together.

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