Turab Rizvi


He was Al-Amin before Islam,

Justice rose from the noor of his Palm

His face radiates the light of heaven

The final Prophet, the start of Islam

His speech revealed what his heart embalmed

Truth and justice, love for all

When the smog of sin had covered the earth

Allah’s beloved answered his call

Doing away with the treachery of tribes

Under the banner of Islam there was no more picking sides

From the furthest sea to the mountains high

There was a Muslim present, far and wide

Muhammad showed society a trace,

Of a world where love transcends race

How blessed is the nation that’s remembered for their skin

The first call to prayer given by its Kin

In an era where women were buried alive

Muhammad’s morals let women thrive

Was Khadija not the mother of Ihsan

Was Fatima not the flower of Islam

A nation fractured from broken vows

Where souls were lost and sought to be found

Muhammad arrived and kept his word

Taking action to spread His (swt) Word

What activism you see today

Understand Muhammad paved the way

Even the trees would bow in prostration

Even the mountains would move from their space

When Justice would search for its abode,

It saw Muhammad and found its place

Turab Rizvi is a 23 year old poet based in the Toronto area. If you would like to see more of his creative content, please check out @wordsbyturab on Instagram.

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