MFP Youth Community Engagement Center

The MFP Youth Development Center will be the keystone for the young population. It will give them the space and resources in order for them to build a better society that is in need of unbreakable and strong bonds. This project will let our youth take charge and help them become prepared, and enabled to build a better tomorrow! These projects are important because they start a chain reaction by engaging the young generation, and letting them become the leaders in put community. They can become leaders and teachers by having a space where adults and scholars get together for a variety of programming including but not limited to sports events (e.g. cricket, basketball, volleyball, etc.), bookclub, paint nights, bonfires, food packing, and distribution events, game nights, and much more.

The inviting and shared space will become a home for the youth where they can develop self-confidence, have talked about their religion amongst each other, make community relations, and build trusting friendships that create an empowered community. If given the opportunity, this project will build a hopeful community that will strive to do better on all fronts and gives us a promising future.