The Tragedy of Easter Resonates

Speakers Call on Muslims to Prevent Electing ‘Fascist’ Trump

Demonstration against Human Rights Violations in Bahrain

MFP Meeting with Congressman Rush Holt

Joint Statement on NYPD Surveillance of Tri-State Mosques

MFP Interfaith Iftar Dinner

Letter to Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern,

Tolerance Among Humanity

Teachings of the Prophet In Relation to Peace, Not War

Responsibility of Pluralism in Islam

Current Affairs

The 4th Annual Christmas Party hosted by Muslims4Peace

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Press Release

MFP brings Christmas joy to children

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The Muslims are coming!

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Top 5 Reasons for Americans to Admire the Prophet Muhammad

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Reflection of Imam Mahdi (ajtfs)

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Women in the Holy Scripture

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Status of women from the 
perspective of Qur’ān

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What is Hijab?

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Inspired and Empowered A MUSLIM WOMAN

Message from Muslims4peace Board

Letter From the Editor

Sacredness and Tolerance for Every Faith

International Women’s Day

15 Inspiring Quotes From Malcolm X

Women in Islam – Prophet Muhammad Interfaith Conference

End the aggression in Yemen

World’s Silence on the Rohingya Genocide

Sayyida Fatima - A Social Activist in Life and Death

Sayyida Fatima – A Social Activist in Life and Death

Fatimah, The Perfect Role Model

Fatimah, The Perfect Role Model

New Jersey Faith Community Mourns the 26 Deaths in Texas

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