The Tragedy of Easter Resonates

Speakers Call on Muslims to Prevent Electing ‘Fascist’ Trump

Demonstration against Human Rights Violations in Bahrain

MFP Meeting with Congressman Rush Holt

Joint Statement on NYPD Surveillance of Tri-State Mosques

Malcolm X’s experiences at Hajj

Amidst clashes can arise hope

M4P in Response to George Floyd’s Death

No to Racism

A Unified Eid: Watch Live at 2 PM


The Muslims are coming! Act 2

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Current Affairs

Two Muslim African women won the Nobel Peace Prize

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Community Outreach, Current Affairs

Newark Drinking Water Crisis

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MFP Interfaith Iftar Dinner

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Press Release

Letter to Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern,

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Social Justice

Tolerance Among Humanity

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Teachings of the Prophet In Relation to Peace, Not War

Responsibility of Pluralism in Islam

Prophet Muhammad: The Political and Social Reformer

The Injustices We Do to Future Generation

Silencing Truth: From Journalists to Just Anyone

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The Muslims are coming!


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