A Stalwart of Justice and Peace

By Jaffer Ali

A man from a desert land became a beacon of the worlds

He is a chosen one like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others

He is not an ordinary one; he is above all needs of the world

Read, learn and study and have beautiful mind unfurled

No one can handle sacred message of God for His world

God chooses His people to carry message for the universe

Unclean doesn’t fit as sweet water doesn’t mix with others

Jesus was born without father carrying Mary’s holy blood

Muhammad’s lineage is high and clean without any mistrust

Muhammad a Voice of Justice and Mercy was overheard

Newly born girls were buried and voices were unheard

Where intolerance was high and rivalry was a standard

Where idols were worshiped in Abraham’s place of sacred

He took the message of peace to those lived in Arab world

People put thorn on his way and stones were hurled

Clan’s chiefs were jealous of and wanted him to be murdered

Tried all means no success alas ambitions were crushed

They changed their clothing to carry their purpose unhurt

They were waiting to see the situation get in distressed

A man of mercy of universe accepted them with no grudge

God becomes chandelier for His candle to spread light unhurt

He gave message of peace which spread across the world

God revives His religion with sacrifices of His believers

Prophets of peace Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad

Sacrificed lives for justice with least attachment for this world

Freedom is priceless they stood up against unjust world

Temporary life is not as important as they taught the world


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