Activists protest outside Bahraini Embassy in Washington DC
Contact: Mustafa Abdi, President of the Board of Directors of Muslims for Peace, Inc

For Immediate Release

February 17, 2012
As the Bahraini government continues to arrest and torture Bahraini human rights and pro-democracy activists in its own country, dozens of Bahraini Americans and others converged to protest in front of the Bahraini embassy in Washington DC. In a lively display of strength and solidarity, activists chanted continuously for hours, calling for the people of Bahrain to be able to protest peacefully and for the King of Bahrain to step down. They also shamed Obama for his willingness to sell millions of dollars worth of weapons to the murderous Bahraini regime.

“I came all the way from New Jersey today,” said one of the protest’s organizers, Mustafa Abdi, Director of Muslims for Peace, “because we wanted to bring attention to this the people of Bahrain who have been suffering under the monarchy’

Protesters then continued on to the Saudi Arabian embassy where they drew attention to the Saudi monarchy’s complicity in the violent suppression of Bahraini protesters. They criticized the Saudi government for militarily occupying Bahrain and providing the Bahraini government with weapons to use against its own people.

February 14th marked the one year anniversary of the popular uprising in Bahrain. Bahraini authorities have violently suppressed all attempts by pro-democracy protesters to retake the Pearl Roundabout in the past week. Recently, the Bahraini government deported ten American citizens who came with Witness Bahrain, an initiative to document and monitor the behavior of Bahraini police and officials.