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16th Annual Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Day Conference

For Immediate Release

Muslims for Peace, Inc. would like to welcome you to the 16th Annual Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Day Conference. It is only with the Grace of Allah (swt) and your continued support that we have been able to continue our mission of spreading the messages of peace, harmony and unity for all mankind through this annual Conference and other activities. We continue to thank you for your encouragement, generous donations, and prayers.

Muslims for Peace, Inc. was created in 2001 for the purpose of uniting individuals from different faiths through education and community-strengthening activities. We firmly believe that educating each other about our similarities is the most effective way to connect people because education and dialogue will always demonstrate that we have more similarities than we do differences. It is the small acts between people on a daily basis – a conversation, a helping hand, sharing a meal – that foster a spirit of respect towards each other, build bridges of understanding, and facilitate the peacemaking process all over the world.

Our message is the message of Islam, one of peace, justice, non-violence, and a spirit of inclusiveness that leads to an appreciation of Islam amongst all the people of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim. But we do not believe or advocate that Islam is the only message of peace. Peace is universal and that is why our goal is to bring together all people and communities – whether intrafaith, interfaith, and those without any specific faith – towards the common goal of peace around the world. We strive to work with all people, groups and communities to get to our goal, because we cannot do it alone.

This year, we have dedicated the 16th Annual Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Day Conference to a subject that can resonate with all of us – Family in the Tradition of Major Faiths. In this time of global crisis, it is important to get back to our roots to understand the most basic relationships among us and what the major faiths teach us about those relationships. Family is the first place we learn about relationships and how to have conversations to make and keep peace. We are pleased to welcome our esteemed panelists who will be discussing the role and message of the Prophet (pbuh), the Ahlul-Bayt – the family of the Prophet (pbuh), Islam, Judaism, and Christianity with respect to these issues. We welcome Professor Juan Cole from the University of Michigan, Sayed Jawed Qazwaini an Islamic scholar and speaker, Walter Ruby, an author and veteran journalist, and Sabeeha Rehman, an author, speaker, and a blogger.

In addition, this year we are humbled to honor various members of our community for the efforts in promoting and bringing peace and good will into the lives they touch. We present our Leadership Award to Dr. Mohammed A. Zubair, our Lifetime Community Service Award to Dr. Hasnain Walji, and our Humanitarian Award to Freshta Taeb and Sikandar Khan. We hope that our recognition of your efforts provides you with further fuel to continue your good work in spreading the message of peace. 

We remind you that we are always looking for volunteers to help achieve our mission. There is no best way to achieve peace, and there is no support that is too small that would not be welcome. We need only to be active in spreading the message, willing to work together, and accepting of the differences that make our communities more dynamic. We encourage you to visit our website to review our body of work and our efforts over the past years.

We are continually humbled by your support for Muslims for Peace, Inc. You are the catalyst, and our success is your success. As you will appreciate, our work relies entirely on voluntary donations and support. We hope that the Conference today is educational and insightful. We welcome your feedback and ask you to consider supporting our events by donating. To contribute, please visit our website to pay through PayPal, Venmo, or write a check to Muslims for Peace, Inc. 


Warm Wishes. Peace be upon you 

Muslims for Peace Executive Board

Umar A. Sheikh
Muslims for Peace

Ali Rizvi
Muslims for Peace

Irshad Haji
Muslims for Peace

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